Orion Stars

Orion Stars 17th August


THE MAN WHO CAME UPTOWN by George Pelecanos

I – Review
Guardian- Review (1st September)
London Evening Standard – Review
Daily Mail – review
Mr Hyde – interview with George
Sunday Times Crime Club newsletter – Q&A with George
The Big Issue – Off the Shelf book recommendation from George and review
Blogger reviews including SHOTS and Raven Crime Reads
RTE – online review (6th September)


THE BOOK OF HUMANS by Adam Rutherford

I loved this book. An outstandingly clear and witty account that shows beyond doubt how much we are part of the animal world, and yet at the same time how different we have becomeHENRY MARSH

Major ‘review’ section cover feature in THE GUARDIAN by Adam Rutherford to run on Saturday 6 September.
NEW STATESMAN Diary by Adam Rutherford to run on 14 September.
TALK RADIO interview on 18 September.
LITTLE ATOMS podcast interview.
COSMIC SHAMBLES podcast interview.
BBC FOCUS ‘Science Focus’ podcast interview.
ADAM RUTHERFORD will also be doing a full programme of events throughout the autumn.
Facebook advertising and AMS advertising will target readers online, with bursts planned pre-publication to drive pre-orders and also to drive direct purchase post-publication.
Highly targeted podcast advertising to promote publication, using Adam to voice the advert to tap into his radio/ podcast audience.

Reviews & News

Clash of Empires by Ben Kane

BEN KANE wrote a huge ten page feature for this month’s HISTORY REVEALED magazine about his new novel CLASH OF EMPIRES – the piece was also the main cover story



A Double life by Flynn Berry

Lots of brilliant reviews are coming in for A DOUBLE LIFE by FLYNN BERRY: THE OBSERVER: “Berry skips between Claire’s present-day investigations and her reconstruction of her parents’ lives almost three decades earlier in this beautifully paced and satisfyingly ominous story”; SUNDAY TIMES: “As well as confirming the promise of Berry’s debut, Under the Harrow, the book demonstrates that fusing fiction and true crime can be mesmerisingly effective”; DAILY MAIL: “a compulsive page-turner”; THE INDEPENDENT: “Thirty years after Claire’s father… inflicts a horrifying arrack on her mother then disappears, Claire is obsessed with finding out what happened.  The answer lies behind the closed doors of the townhouses and country estates, guarded by the friends who protected her father all those years ago

One Way by SJ Morden

Fantastic review of ONE WAY by SJ MORDEN in Saturday’s GUARDIAN. ‘A claustrophobic, high-tension, survival-against-the-odds thriller. It paints a convincing picture of the lethal Martian environment as well as the growing terror of being incarcerated in a deadly prison with no way out.’

Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle