Quiz time with Mark Mason!

Mark Mason is the author of The Importance of Being TrivialWalk the Lines, Move Along, Please and most recently Mail Obsession: A Journey Round Britain by Postcode. Combining his two greatest loves as a travel writer and a quiz fan, Mark has written Question Time , a tour of Britain’s quizzes. Test yourself or quiz others with these 15 questions Mark has written especially for booksellers. Happy quizzing!

  1. Its official title was ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’. How was it more popularly known?
  2. In 1970 which English band replaced twelve letters of their name with a single dot?
  3. Does the Queen face to the left or right on stamps?
  4. Ingvar Kamprad grew up on a farm called Elmtaryd near the village of Agunnaryd in Sweden. Which company did he found in 1943?
  5. Which of these celebrities did not choose the Mona Lisa as their Desert Island Discs luxury? Arthur Scargill, Murray Walker, Cilla Black.
  6. Which colour appears on more of the world’s 192 national flags than any other colour?
  7. There are about three hundred in a baby’s body, but only two hundred and six in an adult’s – what are they?
  8. Noel Edmonds damaged Elton John’s garden, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd damaged Jeremy Clarkson’s garden, in the same way. How?
  9. Which is the only railway station in the world to be named after a novel?
  10. In his ‘we shall never surrender’ speech, Churchill said that the British would fight on the beaches and which four other places?
  11. Where would you find a stock character from the Italian theatre form known as commedia dell’arte, a Spanish dance, a famous astronomer, the central character in The Barber of Sevilleand an Arabic word meaning “in the name of Allah”?
  12. A sporting poem often recited during a sporting career that lasted from the 1960s to the 1980s has the second line ‘your hand can’t hit what your eye can’t see’. But its first line is much better known. Who wrote it?
  13. The world’s thickest book, with a spine measuring 12.6 inches, is a collection of every story featuring which fictional detective?
  14. Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion are often seen in public with a fourth man – who is he?
  15. Patented in London in 1845, they are sometimes used in the castration of farm animals. At the height of his success, the drugs baron Pablo Escobar was spending $1000 a week on them. What are they?

TIEBREAKER: To how many decimal places did Rajveer Meena memorise and recite pi in his world record-breaking feat of March 2015?

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Quiz time with Mark Mason, author of QUESTION TIME

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